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Mornago is very likely to derive from the name Maurinus, which may easily be linked to names such as Moro, Morelli and Mornati.

For this reason, the predominant element of our coat of arms is the head of a “moro” (Moor) seen by profile, blindfolded with a silver bandage.

This human character has been reproduced on a navy coloured shield which indicates the purity and the clearness of the air of the region.
On the shield is also represented a “silvery lowered roe deer“, that’s to say that sort of reversed “V” which, according to heraldry, indicates the strength of cohesion and development of the population of the area.

The crown that stands above the shield is a clear indication of the politic form of the municipality, while the two evergreen branches intertwined at the bottom of the shield most likely indicate the belonging to the Republic.

This symbol, so indicative of our history, may be seen in the Municipality square.
I Tre Pini di Ferreani Luciano - Via Carlo Pisacane, 13 - 21020 Mornago (Varese)
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